About Us

Pow'r Scrub Underwater Services has been serving the needs of captains and owners of vessels both large and small for over a decade.  We began as a small business working out of Grand Lagoon and now manage vessels from St. Marks to Mobile.  What started as a father and son business has grown with the addition of 2 full time commercially trained divers with years of training and experience under their belt.

Pow'r Scrub Underwater Services has been Panama City's most trusted name in hull cleaning and underwater maintenance since 1997

Why do you need Pow'r Scrub Underwater Services

  • Save money.
  • Conserve fuel.
  • Reduce drag.
  • Decrease demand on engines.
  • Longer periods between haul outs.
  • Monthly monitoring of condition of hull and running gear.
  • Peace of mind.
  • With routine maintenance plan, your always ready to go.

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